Important Tips That Will Help Hockey Players in a Game

hockey tips in playingPerhaps, you’ve been inspired by NHL’s list of top hockey teams for the past years. Well, let’s be honest; before anyone could establish an awesome team in the rink, each player must be capable of doing the sport in the best and right manner.

Knowing the fundamentals of skating as well as following the overt and covert rules in hockey will definitely lead you into a hockey life that is much easier than you think. Needless to say, it’s important to be aware of the suggestions and advice from professional hockey players and coach.

Without further ado, let’s check out the tips that, along with a couple years more of practice, might just help you qualify for an NHL team in the future.

The Tips

Secure Safety Gears

Whether it’s just a neighborhood match or a formal school match, do not take your safety for granted. Always make sure you have got the right safety equipment with you. This is, of course, to prevent injuries that might just put a stop in your hockey dreams. So, make sure you’ve got your shin and elbow guards, helmet, chest protector, gloves, etc.

Get the Right Fit

It’s important for all of your hockey equipment to fit your body perfectly. Your chest protector should be too big or bulky for you as that might just drag you down. Your skates should not be too tight nor too big for your feet; you might want to check out to know more about this aspect. Overall, you’ll have to make sure that your equipment are tailor-fit for you in order to allow you better movements and performance while playing.

hockey equipment

Go for Wide Strides

In order to increase your speed in the ice rink, you’ll have to familiar and capable of wide strides. You can achieve this by focusing on the extension of your leg to the side and then recovering the other leg quickly. Continue to practice on fast leg recovery paired together with long and wide strides in the rink and you’ll step up your speed game in no time.

Keep Knees Bent

The ultimate rule of skating, in general, is to keep your knees bent. Not only will this help you in speeding up, it also allows you to maintain balance while you are in motion. Making sure that your knees are bent properly, that is about 90 degrees in front of your toes, will ensure that you will be able to perform solid strides.

Move forward, not upward

You must remember to keep your eyes forward while your head is held up. More so, move forward instead of moving up. You need to channel your energy in forward motion when it comes to a hockey game. For many people, their biggest mistake is having a momentum that is moving up instead of forward. A forward movement is much faster and more useful in the game than that of moving up.

Master Your Balance

The key to being a great skater, and hockey player, is being able to master your balance while in motion. Balance is everything; when you turn or stop, balance is crucial. And so, do your best to make sure that your body weight is directly over your skates as this helps your position become stable. Furthermore, learn to focus on your balance. Do some skate balancing exercises when not playing.

Train outside the rink

Your endurance, speed, and balance should not be limited to the rink. To become a good hockey player, train outside of the box as well. Perform necessary routines and exercises that will enhance your leg power, speed, balance, etc.

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